Aunt Myrna

General Information
Gender: Female
Nationality: Philipino
Height: 5' 2½" (1.59 m)
Aliases: Tita Myrna by Josh Chan
Family & Friends
Family: Lourdes Chan (Sister)
Josh Chan (Nephew)
Jayma Chan (Niece)
Joseph Chan (Brother-in-Law)
Jastenity Chan (Niece)
Series Information
Episode Count: 1
FirstTemplate:Mainonly and last seen: Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!
Portrayer: Lea Salonga

Aunt Myrna is a special guest who appeared in the season one finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . She is portrayed by Lea Salonga.

Season OneEdit

In, "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! " Aunt Myrna is in town for her niece's wedding. At the wedding she performs "One Indescribable Instant " and dedicates her performance to the bride and groom. As a favor to Valencia , Aunt Myrna gives her mother's wedding ring to Josh . The ring was suppose to make it easier for Josh to propose, but instead it lead to their breakup.