Brendan Proctor

Brendan Proctor Son of Paula Proctor

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Family: Paula Proctor (mother), Scott Proctor (father), Tommy Proctor (brother)
Actor: Zayne Emory and Elijah Nelson
First Appearance: ""I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"

Hey, what did I say about the katana on the table?! Or you could just stare at me like a serial killer.
— Paula to Brendan, "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

Brendan Proctor is the oldest son of Paula and Scott Proctor and brother to Tommy. He has a fetish for sharp blades which disturbs his family and he can often be seen wielding an edged weapon. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!". He was initially portrayed by  Elijah Nelson and later by Zayne Emory.


Season OneEdit

In October of 2015 one night at the Proctor residence, Brendan Proctor accidentally stabbed his brother Tommy with a blade from his collection. In a panic, Brendan called his mother who was working late at the Whitefeather & Associates. When she finally answered Brendan explained what happened and asked what he should do. He was surprised to find she was preoccupied by something else and somewhat annoyed that he had called her. Even after Brendan mentioned that Tommy was bleeding his mom still didn't seem to care. Ignoring Brendan's pleas his mother told him to figure it out on his own and hung up on him ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!"). Days later, Brendan was polishing a katana at the dining room table despite the incident with Tommy.

His mother interrupted him and asked if he saw a white table cloth she was looking for. Brendan replied he hadn't seen it and returned to cleaning the blade. His mom reminded him she didn't want any katanas at the dining table but Brendan just stared at her. Brendan was so focused on his task he didn't bother acknowledging his father when he briefly appeared. His brother Scott then joined him at the dining table complaining about a test at school. When his mother suggested his brother for some reason run with scissors Brendan chimed in that that was bad advice ("I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"). On Thanksgiving day, Brendan and his family hosted the holiday dinner which had several of thier relatives in attendance.

He was seated next to his brother Tommy and was completely uninterested in being there. Brendan lazily ate his food while staring at his mother who was watching something on her cell phone. His father guessed it was one of her soap operas she was engrossed in and she confirmed his suspicions. As the dinner continued Brendan fell asleep, a feat he accomplished while still holding on to his fork. He missed his father scolding his mom for still watching her soaps and continued to snore while his father asked everyone to observe a moment of silence for the recently departed family member Aunt Judy ("My First Thanksgiving With Josh!")

Season TwoEdit

In Season Two, the same episode that Rebecca Bunch babysits Tommy, it is mentioned that Brendan has run away ("Who is Josh's Soup Fairy")

Season ThreeEdit