Heather Davis

Heather Davis Miss Douche and Rebecca's roommate

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Occupation: Bartender at Home Base; Junior college student
Family: Mr. and Mrs. Davis (parents)
Actor: Vella Lovell
First Appearance: "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"


I kind of think you're fascinating actually and I'm taking Abnormal Psych at the JC and I think you would make, like, a really good paper.
— Heather to Rebecca, "I Hope josh Comes to My Party!"

Heather Davis Season One promotional photo
Portrayed by Vella Lovell
Heather Davis is the spokesmodel of the "Miss Douche" feminine products and current roommate of Rebecca Bunch. She once lived with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Davis and was a student at a local junior college. Her detached and cynical demeanor impressed Rebecca who declared Heather to possibly be the coolest person she ever met. Through Rebecca Heather became acquainted with and briefly dated Greg Serrano. She dumped him after realizing he was in love with Rebecca but not before getting a job at his workplace Home Base. Recently Heather won a contest earning a cash prize of $10,000. With the money she finally moved out of her parents place. Her first appearance was in the Season One episode "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!". She is portrayed by actress Vella Lovell.

Character historyEdit

Season OneEdit

Subject is approaching and appears dejected...and possibly undergoing cranial remolding.

–Heather, "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!"

Season overview

Heather met her latest next door neighbor Rebecca Bunch who invited her to her house warming party. This began her interest in Rebecca whom she believed would make a good case study for her Abnormal Psyche class. She did a cursory presentation on Rebecca at school and engaged her on another occasion for further study. However, this time she started to like Rebecca and felt some sympathy for her situation. Heather stopped treating her like a test subject and more like a friend. She even shared some marijuana she had with her neighbor and while they were high they nearly committed a crime. Over Christmas Heather hooked up with an acquaintance of Rebecca's named Greg Serrano. Together they went on a beach trip with Greg's crew, Rebecca and Darryl. Heather got hired at Home Base to be closer to Greg but ended things with him when she realized he still had feelings for Rebecca. Although Heather played it cool at first Greg found out he broke her heart and let her vent to deal with the pain. She was mostly over it by the time she learned Greg and Rebecca had started sleeping together. When Rebecca turned to her for advice about Greg, Heather told her to just be honest with him about her feelings.

In October 2015, the new occupant of the apartment next to Heather, Rebecca Bunch, came to her doorstep and invited her to a house warming party she was throwing. Although normally Heather wanted nothing to do with her neighbors she agreed to attend and bluntly told Rebecca the reason why she was going to attend. It was because she wanted to observe Rebecca feeling she could write a paper on her for the abnormal psyche class she was taking. As expected the party was an unusual affair which furthered her interest in Rebecca. It was at the festivities she met drunk Greg Serrano whom she caught on film dancing with a giant fish ("I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!").

In her Abnormal Psyche class, Heather presents a case study on Rebecca to the teacher and students. She argues with her professor when she describes Rebecca's actions in non-clinical psychological terms. On her way back from school she runs into Rebecca who is sad and recommends she use an online app to set up a one night stand hook up with a random stranger. She accompanies Rebecca to the local bar where she is to meet the date she set up and watches as they leave to go back to her apartment. Sometime later she finds Rebecca in her backyard depressed after having had made a horrible mistake. Heather comforts Rebecca and the next day quits her psych class feeling that she'd rather not study her neighbor but just be her friend ("I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!").

Sometime later, Heather was called unexpectedly by Rebecca to score some marijuana. Heather brought over a bong and together they got high. They got hungry and bought some food before heading over to Rebecca's psychiatrist Dr.Akopian's house. Rebecca spotted a prescription pad in Akopian's kitchen and Heather watched as she tried to reach it by crawling through the doggy door. Akopian caught them who told them she wouldn't press charges as long as Rebecca agreed to continue therapy. After leaving Akopian's house they rushed to a hotel where Rebecca learned Paula was about to have an affair with Calvin Young. Heather watched as Rebecca burst into the hotel room and prevented this from happening. As Calvin, Paula and Rebecca had an emotional breakthrough Heather declared it to be the most entertaining day of her life ("I'm So Happy that Josh Is So Happy!").

In December, Heather is working at the mall dressed as a Christmas elf. She runs into Greg Serrano whom she briefly met at Rebecca's house warming party. Heather convinced him to take her to his step family's Christmas dinner. He warns her about how awful they are but when they get there it turns out he's the one with the bad attitude. Although she only came for the food and because she thought Greg was cute she points out the obvious chip he has on his shoulder regarding his mother leaving. Greg realizes she is right and has been holding a grudge for years without considering his mother's side of the story. Afterwards, Greg thanks Heather for helping to fix his relationship with his mother. Heather unexpectedly pulled him into a kiss which he reciprocated in kind ("My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!")

Heather and Greg started seeing each other on a regular basis although they decided to keep things non-exclusive. She was invited by Greg to join him and his friends for a beach trip. Heather boarded a huge Party bus rented for the journey by Rebecca Bunch who had been invited too. Heather was initially intrigued but eventually unsettled when Rebecca decided to get everyone's attention by performing a pole dance (♫ Your Love Is My Sugar ♫). This resulted in some truths being revealed which created conflict between Greg and Josh. However, Heather was uninterested in all the drama and told Greg as much when he tried to involve her in it. Once the bus arrived at the destination she and Greg went to the beach to get spray on bikinis. Before she left she thanked Rebecca for the transportation ("I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!").

Later, Heather was at the Serrano residence cuddling with Greg in his bedroom. She told Greg she was now serious about thier relationship and wanted them to be exclusive. Greg was caught off guard and in a panic suggested that they go on a break instead. Sometime afterwards, Heather was in Municipal park studying when Greg appeared. She appeared unmoved by his cutesy way of apologizing when he showed her a book he was reading called "Commitment Guide for Dummies". He admitted he was being a commitment phobe and asked for another chance. Instead of responding to him she said she had a date already and started to walk off. When he asked her with who she told Greg it was with him. Heather then said if they were going to try again he'd have to stop being an idiot and also keep reading his commitment book ("I'm Back at Camp with Josh!").

Heather asked a reluctant Greg to go over to Rebecca's apartment to pick up a hard drive she was borrowing for her coding class ("That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!"). Later, Greg got Heather an interview with his boss Kevin for a job at Home Base. She told Kevin she wanted the job to spend more time with her boyfriend and also so she and Greg could fool around in the back room. Impressed by her exotic looks and honesty, Kevin hired her on the spot. As she settled in to her new job Heather turned the bars TV to a local trial taking place in Los Angeles involving Rebecca's firm. She noticed how Greg was uncomfortable and irritated by seeing Rebecca onscreen. Heather realized he was in love with Rebecca and broke up with him (♫ Don't Settle For Me ♫). She also encouraged him to go see Rebecca and confess his feelings ("Josh and I Work on a Case!").

Season TwoEdit

I'm sorry, did you just bro-hug the guy that's sleeping with your ex-girlfriend?

–Heather, "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?"

Season overview

When Greg goes on an impromptu sabbatical Heather picks up his shifts for extra money. When she learned Greg was attending AA meetings Heather supported him but was worried about him finding out Rebecca Bunch was now with Josh Chan. Heather and her parents allowed Rebecca to stay at thier home after she nearly burned her apartment while trying to get over being dumped by both Josh and Greg. She unexpectedly won a contest for the Miss Douche pageant that awarded her enough money to finally move out of her parents place. She become roommates with Rebecca because her friend needed her guidance and Heather needed her credit history. Shortly after they moved in together Heather and Rebecca became friends with Valencia Perez. Heather also continued to fulfill her duties as Miss Douche and made a public appearance at Spider's to promote the brand. When Rebecca got back together with Josh, Heather told them it probably wouldn't last. They ignored her warning and after they got engaged Heather was annoyed by all the wedding plans. Nevertheless she and Valencia, who took over as Rebecca's wedding planner, pitched in to make the ceremony happen as it was to take place only weeks after the engagement.

("Where Is Josh's Friend?")

("When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?")



One of the many actresses who tried out for the role of Heather was Monique Kim. Her audition was uploaded on Vimeo where she read lines from the episode "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!". She also performed a song at the end of the video.
Monique Kim - Heather Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Monique Kim - Heather Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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