I Could If I Wanted To

I Could If I Wanted To
Performer(s): Greg Serrano — First Appearance: ""Josh's Sister is Getting Married!""
Genre: Alternative Rock

This song sucks! I could make it good if I wanted to! Yeah! Yeah I could if I wanted to!
— Greg Serrano

"I Could If I Wanted To" is a song performed by Greg Serrano. In it he declares he could have done better on a test, as well as life in general, if he actually put forth the effort, but chooses not to. The song was first heard in the Season One episode "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!". The song is track number 20 on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 1 - Vol.2).

The song with lyricsEdit

CrazyExGirlfriend I Could If I Wanted To (Ft02:31

CrazyExGirlfriend I Could If I Wanted To (Ft. Santino Fontana)


Greg Serrano:
Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo, an 'A'.
What's an 'A'?
It's just a letter on the page
meant to distract us from the pain.
But it's not like any 'A'
can make a difference in the day.
Sure I could get an 'A'
if I wanted an 'A'
But who cares about an 'A'?
I don't.
I don't care.
Although I coulda
made that grade
if I did care.
But I don't.

But I could if I wanted to!

Look at this guy
With a red and blue striped tie
Makin' millions till' he dies
Sellin' bonds and stocks
to other guys in ties
Who have millions with which to buy
a bunch of bonds and stocks and ties
I'd rather die
Which I will, eventually,
of course.
But in the mean time
I could make millions
selling stocks and bonds and ties
if I tried.
But I don't.
But I could. But I don't!
But I could if I wanted to!
Yeah I could if I wanted to!
Who cares?

A happy dad with his big dad calves
and his stupid baseball cap
and his T-ball shirt and
dumbass son throwing a ball
like it's so important
to know how to throw a ball!
Who cares about throwing a ball
or having a kid?
It'll get you nowhere in life
Not like getting anywhere matters
Although I guess it does if you care
Which I don't!
But I could! But I don't!
But I could if I wanted to!

If I wanted to!
This song sucks!
I could make it good if I wanted to!
Yeah I could if I wanted to!



Actor Santino Fontana tweeted that "I Could if I Wanted To" was shot in one take with a single camera using a long tracking shot without any cuts or edits. He also uploaded a behind the scenes photo of himself during production of the scene. BTS I Could if I Wanted To


In Season Two the song was briefly reprised by Greg after he found out that Josh and Rebecca have been having sex and also living together.

Greg learns about Josh and Rebecca "I Could If I Wanted To" Reprise03:07

Greg learns about Josh and Rebecca "I Could If I Wanted To" Reprise


"I Could if I Wanted To" is an homage to the anger, nihilism and apathy found in popular 1990's alternative rock songs. Bands from that era like Nirvana , Weezer , Nada Surf and Radiohead all had themes like that running through most of their songs. The video of it is a homage to The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony.

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