Jack Dolgen

Jack Dolgen Musician
Role: Song writer on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" —
Other work: NTSF:SD:SUV

This season on #CrazyExGirlfriend, @jackdolgen, Adam Schlesinger and I (plus some amazing guest collaborators) will have written 49 songs
Rachel Bloom, Rachel Bloom Twitter

Jack Dolgen is an American singer/song writer, producer and longtime collaborator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Rachel Bloom. He is currently a musical consultant and staff writer on the show working alongside Rachel Bloom and Music producer Adam Schlesinger. He has worked on various films, TV shows, online content and commercials . His work as a producer includes musicians and comedians such as Gavin Turek, Harvard Sailing Team, Kimmy Gatweood, Brad Raisin, Billy and Adam (SNAKES) and Bridgid Ryan. Along with song writing on he is credited with writing two episodes in Season One of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: "I'm Back at Camp with Josh!" and "Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?".

  Crew edit

Rachel BloomAline Brosh McKenna · Rene Gube · Sono Patel · Audrey Wauchope · Rachel Specter · Michael Hitchcock · Dan Gregor · Doug Mand · Elisabeth Kiernan Averick


Marc Webb · Steven Tsuchida · Joanna Kerns · Kabir Akhtar


Adam Schlesinger · Jack Dolgen · Steven M. Gold


Kathryn Burns (Choreographer) · Dominique Kelley (Assistant Choreographer) · Kabir Akhtar (Editing) · Melina Root (Wardobe & Costumes)

  Production edit

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