Joseph Chan

Joseph Chan The father of the object of Rebecca Bunch's affection

Character information
Occupation: Radiology lab technician
Family: Mrs.Chan (wife), Josh Chan (son), Jayma Chan (daughter), Jastinity Chan (daughter), Aunt Myrna
Actor: Alberto Isaac
First Appearance: ""I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!""

This place is the right choice for you. The most healthy one. Now, put on all these layers so you don't get cancer.
— Joseph Chan convincing his son Josh the radiology lab is for him

Joseph Chan is a Filipino Radiology lab technician living in West Covina, California and patriarch of the Chan family. He is married to Lourdes Chan and together they have three children: Josh, Jayma and Jastinity. Joseph doesn't talk much and is not known for having a good sense of humor. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!".

Character historyEdit

In October 2015 Joseph Chan, his wife Lourdes and his daughters Jayma and Jastinity welcomed back his son Josh who moved back to West Covina, California. He had spent eight months in New York City but didn't care for the job he moved there for or the fast paced lifestyle there. Although pleased Josh was home Joseph soon put pressure on his son to find a job. Joseph offered him a position at his radiology lab but Josh was reluctant despite his dwindling prospects. When his son was unable to land his dream job at the Aloha Tech Center Josh finally accepted Joseph's offer. Joseph assured his son it was the right move but Josh didn't stay there long after he managed to get hired at the Tech center ("I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!").

Joseph and Lourdes Chan later hosted a large family Thanksgiving dinner at thier house. His wife invited Rebecca Bunch, Josh's ex-girlfriend, who brought the traditional Filipino dish Dinuguan and a nice red wine (♫ I Give Good Parent ♫). Joseph and Lourdes were impressed with with her academic and professional accomplishments ignoring Josh's then current girlfriend Valencia Perez. Once dinner was over, Joseph and the rest of the family had a photo taken with Rebecca and prepared to go to church. When Lourdes invited Rebecca, Joseph enthusiastically urged her to join them. She accepted and after she returned from using the bathroom, Josh got everyone's attention for an announcement. He told his father and the rest of the family he was moving in with Valencia ("My First Thanksgiving With Josh!").

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