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Josh's Sister is Getting Married!
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Director: Alex Hardcastle — Writer: Audrey Wauchope and Rachel SpecterAired: 3/28/2016 — Season: {{{season}}} — Episode: {{{number}}}
Summary: Rebecca is asked to be a bridesmaid in Josh's sisters wedding.


She's in love with someone else but I figure ten/eleven years of trying I'm a lock.
— Greg

In Rebecca's apartment, Josh confronts her about a packet of photos she has of him. Rebecca finally owns up to her feelings but insists she is moving past that obsession. She explains she's trying to make healthier choices now and avoiding the same destructive patterns she's been repeating. She is also adamant on making things right with Valencia although Josh advises her against it before he leaves. That night Rebecca ran into Greg at a bar where he was studying for a test. She learns he broke up with Heather and leaves not wanting to be around Greg's surly attitude. The next morning at her apartment, Rebecca is tossing out various Josh related items much to Paula's horror.

At Greg's business school his teacher reprimands him for his lackadaisical efforts and suggests he made up his mind not to try. Greg ignores her critique believing he could have done better but just didn't feel like it (♫ I Could If I Wanted To ♫). Back at Rebecca's apartment, Paula is upset at seeing her friend disposing of various items like Channy Bear to cleanse her Josh obsession. They are interrupted when Mrs.Chan and her daughter's Jayma and Jastinity show up. They had been keeping in touch since Thanksgiving and wanted to know if Rebecca would like to be a bridesmaid at Jayma's upcoming wedding. When Rebecca points out Valencia is not in the wedding party Jayma decides that they can both be bridesmaids. Over at the Country Market store, Greg bumps into a grocery clerk he met months ago at Spider's named Marty.

He learns Marty is in love with a co-worker named Ally who herself is smitten with another employee named Brody. Greg offers to lend his expertise on unrequited love to Marty. Meanwhile, Rebecca joins Jayma, Jastinity and Ruby Chan at the bridal shop. Rebecca tries to defend Valencia after the Chan's criticize her which is made difficult when she arrives late. Privately, Valencia tells Rebecca she knows about the kiss with Josh but because she got her into the wedding party she'll let it slide for now. Rebecca promises Valencia she will make her look good in front of the Chan's. As everyone looks at dresses, Rebecca builds up Valencia to the Chan's who start to warm up to Josh's girlfriend and listen to her suggestions.

After returning to the law firm, Rebecca nixes Paula's ideas to sabotage Valencia insisting she is genuinely trying to make amends. Over at Country Market, Greg has Marty publicly serenade Ally on the sales floor with a song (♫ Clean Up on Aisle Four ♫). It seems to work until Brody upstages Marty by doing cartwheels which wins Ally's approval. At the law firm, Rebecca tells Paula to stop scheming which her friend interprets is just the usual denials. Rebecca receives an emergency text and joins the bridal party at the wedding shop where Jayma announces her dress is finished early. After an impromptu party, Jayma and the others leave giving Valencia and Rebecca the resonsibilty of packing up the dress.

When Valencia tells her she's jealous of her bust size Rebecca demonstrates the cons of having large breasts. She puts on Jayma's wedding gown which is too small for her chest (♫ Heavy Boobs ♫). Rebecca gets Valencia to try on the dress as well. At Valencia's request (and using her phone) Rebecca snaps a picture of her in the gown. Meanwhile, Paula hacked into Valencia's online accounts and posts the latest photo on Instagram. Jayma sees this, along with the insulting hashtag Paula added, and the Chan women to go to the bridal shop to confront Valencia. She claims her account was hacked and blames Rebecca who realizes Paula's involvement and accepts the blame. She is removed from the bridal party and the Chan's apologize to Valencia who is finally accepted her into thier family.

Rebecca goes to the law firm and confronts Paula over her actions. Paula points out what she did is no different than the other schemes Rebecca tacitly approved of. Rebecca realizes she is right but tells her from now on it ends. When Paula refuses Rebecca gets her to confess she worries thier friendship won't survive without them chasing Josh. Rebecca tells Paula assures they will always be friends but insists that this mutual unhealthy obsession needs to stop. Meanwhile, Greg talks to Ally about to Marty and she explains she's told him several times she's not interested but he refuses to listen. Later, Greg commiserates with Marty and suggests he let his unrequited love go and resolves to do the same in his own life.

That night at Home Base, Rebecca walks in and banters with Greg. When she asks him if he wants to go out later he declines refusing to be her second choice. Rebecca goes back to her apartment where Josh unexpectedly shows up angry over the situation with Valencia. Rebecca tells him that things turned out for the best and to just focus on his family and girlfriend. Much to her and Josh's surprise she kicks him out and goes back to Home Base. Rebecca kisses Greg and assures him this time he is not second choice. Greg tells her if this is happening she needs to prepare herself for a marathon of sex. After Rebecca agrees they resume making out as Greg carries her off to continue this in the back room of the bar.


Brody meets with Ally for a date at an outdoor hot dog stand. Ally's initial enthusiasm for the date disappears when Brody drops the charm and asks her when they are going to have sex. Realizing he is yet another guy in her history of dating terrible men she resolves to start making better choices in her life. After she walks off, Brody calls after her that she'll be back since in his experience they always come back.

Ally and Brody first date
Ally and Brody's date.

Recurring themesEdit


Episode songs
I Could If I Wanted To

"I Could If I Wanted To"
Performed by: Greg Serrano
Writers: Rachel Bloom, Adam Schlesinger
Greg refuses to accept responsibility for his bad grade.

1x16 Promotional photo 7

"Heavy Boobs"
Performed by: Rebecca Bunch
Writers: Rachel Bloom, Adam Schlesinger
Rebecca demonstrates to Valencia the problems with having a big chest.

Clean Up on Aisle Four

"Clean Up on Aisle 4"
Performed by: Marty
Writers: Rachel Bloom, Adam Schlesinger
Marty performs a song for Ally.



Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points
  • Previously: Rebecca's new attitude continues from the previous episode. She confesses to Josh that she has feelings for him but is trying to move past it.
  • Relationship developments: Rebecca finally decides to give Greg a chance and they begin a friend's-with-benefits arrangement at the end of the episode.
Recurring or debuting characters
Recurring or debuting places
Recurring or debuting things

Running jokesEdit

  • I went to Harvard:
    • Greg mentions that he was once accepted to Emory University which he states is the Harvard of the south although a bartender believes it to be Vanderbilt .
    • Jastinity was accepted into Cal Tech Northridge which Lordes Chan describes as the Harvard of Northridge.
    • Marty actually went to the the real Harvard in Boston.
  • Bonnie & Clyde: Valencia admits she is jealous of Rebecca's bust size which leads to the song "Heavy Boobs"


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episodes
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New York attorney Rebecca Bunch moves to West Covina to pursue her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan.

1x1 main photo    "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!" October 12, 2015
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New York lawyer Rebecca Bunch makes an impulsive decision to move to West Covina, California.

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Rebecca goes to extremes to prove Greg that he's wrong about her being a terrible person.

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Rebecca gets invited to Josh's family Thanksgiving dinner where she hopes to impress his parents.

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy main photo    "I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!" November 28, 2015
Directed by: Lawrence Trilling - Written by: Sono Patel

Rebecca becomes depressed after Josh and Valencia move in together.

My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves! main photo    "My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!" November 30, 2015
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Rebecca's mother visits; Greg and Heather go to Christmas dinner with his mother and step family.

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Rebecca volunteers at a youth camp with Josh; Darryl invites Greg, Hector and White Josh over to his place for a party.

1x11 main photo    "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!" February 8, 2016
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Rebecca accidentally sends a text meant for Paula concerning Josh to Josh himself.

1x13 Promotional photo 5    "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!" February 29, 2016
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Rebecca faces off against her New York rival Audra Levine.

Josh is Going to Hawaii! Main photo    "Josh is Going to Hawaii!" March 6, 2016
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Rebecca is convinced by Paula to chase after Josh who is going to Hawaii.

1x15 Promotional photo 4    "Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!" 3/21/16
Directed by: Steven Tsuchida - Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom

While on a plane trip Rebecca has a therapy session with Dr.Akopian.

1x16 Promotional photo 5    "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!" 3/28/2016
Directed by: Alex Hardcastle - Written by: Audrey Wauchope and Rachel Spector

Rebecca is asked to be a bridesmaid in Josh's sisters wedding.

1x17 Promotional photo 6    "Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?" 4/11/2016
Directed by: Joanna Kerns - Written by: Jack Dolgen

Paula suspects Rebecca of having a steamy affair and Josh is upset when he discovers who that is with.

1x18 Promotional photo 9    "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!" 4/18/2016
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Relationships are forever changed at Jayma Chan's wedding.

vedSeason Two Episodes
2x1 Promotional photo 10    "Where Is Josh's Friend?" October 21, 2016
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Rebecca and Josh continue thier new relationship as Greg goes missing.

2x2 Promotional photo 1    "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?" October 28, 2016
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar - Written by: Rene Gube

Rebecca plays table tennis to impress Josh as Greg tries to adjust to his new path in life.

2x3 Promotional photo 6    "All Signs Point to Josh...Or is it Josh's Friend?" 11/4/16
Directed by: Stuart McDonald - Written by: Wauchope and Specter

Both Rebecca and Paula struggle with a big decision in thier personal lives.

2x4 Promotional photo 1    "When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?" 11/11/2016
Directed by: Paul Brigantine - Written by: Erin Ehrlich

Rebbeca tries to reinvent herself in the wake of losing both Greg and Josh.

2x5 Promotional photo 1    "Why Is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?" 11/18/16
Directed by: Erin Erlich - Written by: Sono Patel

Rebecca tries to make amends with Valencia.

2x6 Screencap 1.jpg    "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?" 12/2/2016
Directed by: Stuart McDonald - Written by: Jack Dolgen

Rebecca, Paula, Heather and Valencia have a girls night out.

Who's the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?    "Who's the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?" 12/9/2016
Directed by: Jude Weng - Written by: Michael Hitchcock

Rebecca and Valencia team up to investigate Josh's new girlfriend.

2x7 Main photo    "Who Is Josh's Soup Fairy?" 1/6/17
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Rachel Specter and Audrey Wauchope

Paula has Rebecca look after her son Tommy.

2x8 main photo    "When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?" 1/13/17
Directed by: Kabir Akhtar - Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom

Whitefeather & Associates gets a new boss.

2x11 Promotional photo 13 edit    "Josh Is the Man Of My Dreams, Right?" 1/20/17
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Rebecca and Nathaniel get to know each other better.

2x12 Promotional photo 3    "Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?" 1/27/2017
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Nathaniel's father visits the law firm as Rebecca gets stressed out.

Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?    "Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?" 2/3/17
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Unexpected life changing moments happen on Rebecca and Josh's wedding day.

vedSeason Three Episodes
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Rebecca is looking to make Josh pay for leaving her at the altar.

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