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Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!
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Director: Steven Tsuchida — Writer: Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom — Aired: 3/21/2016 — Season: {{{season}}} — Episode: {{{number}}}
Summary: While in a plane trip Rebecca has a therapy session with Dr.Akopian.


You've spent so much time obsessing over this one here you've lost sight of everything else and everyone else.
— Dream Ghost Akopian

In Rebecca's apartment, Paula is with Mrs.Hernandez and has Rebecca's sofa moved back in after she had bought it back. She then decides to take the rest of the day off much to Mrs.Hernadez's disapproval. Meanwhile, Rebecca starts her impromptu therapy session with Dr.Akopian and recounts why she moved to West Covina, California (♫ Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme Song ♫). Believing her life to be loveless, she is headed back to New York City and her former employer Sampson & Saunders. Rebecca then realizes she is asleep; her conversation with Akopian is actually taking place in a dream she is having after downing some sleeping pills. Akopian is her "Dream Ghost", an apparition guiding her to making the right choices (♫ Dream Ghost ♫).

Dream Ghost Akopian shows a moment from Rebecca's past when as a 13-year-old she visited her father Silas Bunch after he divorced her mom and moved to Santa Fe, California. Akopian noticed this was not the first time she chased after a man she loved to the west coast. Rebecca said this was a different situation since her mother Naomi was keeping them apart. As the memory continued she saw that wasn't the case as Naomi was actually trying to get Silas to spend more time with her but he refused. Rebecca is stunned by the revelation and Akopian points out she was loved in this situation just not by her father. Dream Ghost Akopian is annoyed when Rebecca doesn't see the memory as proof of her being loved just evidence that her father was worse than she thought.

Back in West Covina, Josh shows up at Rebecca's apartment and finds Paula relaxing there. After Paula grills Josh she puts together what happened and realizes Rebecca found out he was staying with Valencia. Darryl interrupts them as he's looking for Rebecca as well and they all begin to wonder where she is. On the plane, Rebecca's dream with the imaginary Akopian continues and she is shown a flashback from her sophomore year at Harvard University. Back then Rebecca was cast in a musical and sleeping with Warren the director. When she found out he was also having sex with other cast members she decided to drop out of the production. Dream Ghost Akopian explained that another love in her life she's been ignoring is her love of musical theater.

Rebecca explains that music comforts her and she imagines her life as a series of musical numbers. Dream Ghost Akopian suggests it's not that Rebecca doesn't have love in her life it's that she doesn't recognize it when it's there. In West Covina, Greg goes to Rebecca's apartment after getting an emergency text from Darryl. Paula fills him in on the situation but he's unconvinced it's that serious due to Rebecca's history of erratic behavior. This doesn't allay Paula's concerns and she looks in Rebecca's laptop to find answers. After going through deleted emails she discovers Rebecca is planning on returning to New York and has already recieved a job offer. Everyone but Greg still doesn't panics believing Rebecca is leaving for good.

In Rebecca's dream she argues with Akopian that putting aside her mother's love and her love for music she doesn't have romantic love. Akopian replies that she does have several people who love her in thier own ways. She takes Rebecca to her apartment and shows her friends are worried about her. Rebecca overhears them discussing how she's helped changed thier lives for the better. Akopian shows her how this starkly contrasts Audra Levine and her New York co-workers reaction when she left. Rebecca notices Greg seems uncaring until Akopian tells her to look at his phone. It turns out he was checking local hospitals and even morgues to see if she had turned up there. Rebecca finally understands that she's been so busy chasing after Josh she's lost sight of any potential love anywhere else.

Upon imparting this wisdom, Dream Ghost Akopian tells Rebecca to wake up which she immediately does. She thanks the real Akopian sitting next to her on the plane who is confused and suggests they have more sessions a week. Rebecca makes it back to her apartment ten hours later after getting on another plane ride. She finds her friends there and thanks everyone, particularly Greg, for worrying about her. Once they all welcome her back individually she finds herself alone with Josh who had just seen a packet of Rebecca's photos featuring himself. Paula had shown it to him earlier to demonstrate how Rebecca feels about him and hoped he would use his influence to prevent her from moving. Josh confronts Rebecca about this and asks her if she's in love with him.


Dream Ghost Dr.Akopian and Rebecca are on another planet amongst a group of aliens enjoying a play. When the final act concludes they applaud along with the rest of the audience and rave about the performance.

Ghost Dr.Akopian and Rebecca on another planet
Ghost Dr.Akopian and Rebecca at an alien play.

Recurring themesEdit


  • "Dream Ghost" by Dr.Akopian and the Dream Ghosts
  • A few lines of songs from the "Moby Dick" musical are featured which have no official names.


  • Story:
    • Backstory: Rebecca's family history with her mother and father is presented as is a brief romance she had in college. Her love of musical theater which inspires the songs she imagines is also explored.
  • People:
    • Dr.Akopian returns in this episode.
    • Audra Levine makes a brief cameo in this episode.
    • Silas Bunch, Rebecca's father, returns in this episode this time played by actor John Allen Nelson.
  • Places:
  • Things:
    • The sofa Rebecca sold in the previous episode returns in this one with a noticeable stain on one of the cushions.

Running jokesEdit

  • Dr.Dream Ghost Akopian mentions that she'd like to have Greg as a search term in porn sites. Paula had said the exact same thing earlier in the episode "Josh and I Are Good People!".
  • In this episode it's shown that Rebecca sings off-key in the real world. This would also later be shown in the Season One finale "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!".



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episodes
vedSeason One Episodes
Michael McDonald as Darryl Whitefeather    "Pilot" N/A
Directed by: Marc Webb - Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom

New York attorney Rebecca Bunch moves to West Covina to pursue her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan.

1x1 main photo    "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!" October 12, 2015
Directed by: Marc Webb - Written by: Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh MCKenna

New York lawyer Rebecca Bunch makes an impulsive decision to move to West Covina, California.

1x2 main photo    "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!" October 19, 2015
Directed by: Don Scardino - Written by: Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh McKenna

Rebecca unexpectedly bonds with Valencia much to the dismay of Josh and Paula.

1x3 main photo    "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!" October 26, 2015
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Rebecca thows a party in order to get quality time with Josh.

1x4 main photo    "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!" November 2, 2015
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Greg asks Rebecca out on a date while Josh hopes to land the job of his dreams.

Josh and I Are Good People! main photo    "Josh and I Are Good People!" November 9, 2015
Directed by: Alex Hardcastle - Written by: Michael Hitchcock

Rebecca goes to extremes to prove Greg that he's wrong about her being a terrible person.

My First Thanksgiving With Josh! main photo    "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!" November 23, 2015
Directed by: Joanna Kerns - Written by: Rene Gube

Rebecca gets invited to Josh's family Thanksgiving dinner where she hopes to impress his parents.

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy main photo    "I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!" November 28, 2015
Directed by: Lawrence Trilling - Written by: Sono Patel

Rebecca becomes depressed after Josh and Valencia move in together.

My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves! main photo    "My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!" November 30, 2015
Directed by: Steven Tsuchida - Written by: Rachel Specter & Audrey Wauchope

Rebecca's mother visits; Greg and Heather go to Christmas dinner with his mother and step family.

I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! main photo    "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!" November 30, 2015
Directed by: Kenny Ortega - Written by: Dan Gregor & Doug Mand

Rebecca rents a party bus to hang out with Josh and his friends at the beach.

I'm Back at Camp with Josh main photo    "I'm Back at Camp with Josh!" February 1, 2016
Directed by: Michael Shultz - Written by: Jack Dolgen

Rebecca volunteers at a youth camp with Josh; Darryl invites Greg, Hector and White Josh over to his place for a party.

1x11 main photo    "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!" February 8, 2016
Directed by: Daisy Meyer - Written by: Elisabeth Kiernan Averick

Rebecca accidentally sends a text meant for Paula concerning Josh to Josh himself.

1x13 Promotional photo 5    "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!" February 29, 2016
Directed by: Michael Patrick Jann - Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna

Rebecca faces off against her New York rival Audra Levine.

Josh is Going to Hawaii! Main photo    "Josh is Going to Hawaii!" March 6, 2016
Directed by: Erin Erhlich - Written by: Sono Patel

Rebecca is convinced by Paula to chase after Josh who is going to Hawaii.

1x15 Promotional photo 4    "Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!" 3/21/16
Directed by: Steven Tsuchida - Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom

While on a plane trip Rebecca has a therapy session with Dr.Akopian.

1x16 Promotional photo 5    "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!" 3/28/2016
Directed by: Alex Hardcastle - Written by: Audrey Wauchope and Rachel Spector

Rebecca is asked to be a bridesmaid in Josh's sisters wedding.

1x17 Promotional photo 6    "Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?" 4/11/2016
Directed by: Joanna Kerns - Written by: Jack Dolgen

Paula suspects Rebecca of having a steamy affair and Josh is upset when he discovers who that is with.

1x18 Promotional photo 9    "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!" 4/18/2016
Directed by: Aline Brosh McKenna - Written by: Rene Gube

Relationships are forever changed at Jayma Chan's wedding.

vedSeason Two Episodes
2x1 Promotional photo 10    "Where Is Josh's Friend?" October 21, 2016
Directed by: Marc Webb - Written by: Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh McKenna

Rebecca and Josh continue thier new relationship as Greg goes missing.

2x2 Promotional photo 1    "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?" October 28, 2016
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar - Written by: Rene Gube

Rebecca plays table tennis to impress Josh as Greg tries to adjust to his new path in life.

2x3 Promotional photo 6    "All Signs Point to Josh...Or is it Josh's Friend?" 11/4/16
Directed by: Stuart McDonald - Written by: Wauchope and Specter

Both Rebecca and Paula struggle with a big decision in thier personal lives.

2x4 Promotional photo 1    "When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?" 11/11/2016
Directed by: Paul Brigantine - Written by: Erin Ehrlich

Rebbeca tries to reinvent herself in the wake of losing both Greg and Josh.

2x5 Promotional photo 1    "Why Is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?" 11/18/16
Directed by: Erin Erlich - Written by: Sono Patel

Rebecca tries to make amends with Valencia.

2x6 Screencap 1.jpg    "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?" 12/2/2016
Directed by: Stuart McDonald - Written by: Jack Dolgen

Rebecca, Paula, Heather and Valencia have a girls night out.

Who's the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?    "Who's the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?" 12/9/2016
Directed by: Jude Weng - Written by: Michael Hitchcock

Rebecca and Valencia team up to investigate Josh's new girlfriend.

2x7 Main photo    "Who Is Josh's Soup Fairy?" 1/6/17
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Rachel Specter and Audrey Wauchope

Paula has Rebecca look after her son Tommy.

2x8 main photo    "When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?" 1/13/17
Directed by: Kabir Akhtar - Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom

Whitefeather & Associates gets a new boss.

2x11 Promotional photo 13 edit    "Josh Is the Man Of My Dreams, Right?" 1/20/17
Directed by: Michael Patrick Jann - Written by: Elisabeth Kiernan Averick

Rebecca and Nathaniel get to know each other better.

2x12 Promotional photo 3    "Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?" 1/27/2017
Directed by: Alex Hardcastle - Written by: Katie Schwartz

Nathaniel's father visits the law firm as Rebecca gets stressed out.

Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?    "Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?" 2/3/17
Directed by: Aline Brosh McKenna - Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna

Unexpected life changing moments happen on Rebecca and Josh's wedding day.

vedSeason Three Episodes
3x1 Promotional photo 1    "Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge" 10/13/17
Directed by: TBA - Written by: TBA

Rebecca is looking to make Josh pay for leaving her at the altar.

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