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Role: Choreographer on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" —
Other work: "Key and Peele "


With this show they brought in legitimate Broadway dancers and at first I was kind of hesitant 'Okay, Gabrielle let's see if she can really dance and then she was out dancing me and all that stuff and I was like 'Oh, okay!'
— Kathryn Burns, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Inside Music Choreography

Kathryn Burns2
Kathryn Burns

Kathryn Burns is an Emmy award winning American dancer, actress and choreographer. She is a native of Dallas, Texas who after graduating from Highland Park High School went in to attend the University of Missouri. Eventually she moved to Los Angeles where she studied comedy improv with the Uptight Citizens Brigade . Burns would land work creating choreography on various networks like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon as well as online websites such as College Humor and Funny or Die . Other prominent work includes shows like "Key and Peele " and "Children's Hospital ". During this time she worked with Rachel Bloom on the YouTube parody music video "Die When I'm Young". This collaboration led to her being hired to compose the dance sequences seen on Bloom's The CW network show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" often working alongside assistant choreographer Dominique Kelley. She still produces the monthly show "Quick & Funny" at the Uptight Citizens Brigade in Hollywood. On September 11, 2016, Burns won the Emmy for "Outstanding Choreography" for her work on three different performances on "Crazy ex-Girlfriend" including the tap dance routine in "Settle For Me". In Season Two she appeared onscreen in the episode "Where Is Josh's Friend?" as one of Rebecca's background dancers.


Behind the scenesEdit

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Inside Music Video Choreography The CW03:03

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Inside Music Video Choreography The CW

Choregraphy reel videoEdit

Kathryn Burns 2013 Choreography Reel04:14

Kathryn Burns 2013 Choreography Reel

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Rachel BloomAline Brosh McKenna · Rene Gube · Sono Patel · Audrey Wauchope · Rachel Specter · Michael Hitchcock · Dan Gregor · Doug Mand · Elisabeth Kiernan Averick


Marc Webb · Steven Tsuchida · Joanna Kerns · Kabir Akhtar


Adam Schlesinger · Jack Dolgen · Steven M. Gold


Kathryn Burns (Choreographer) · Dominique Kelley (Assistant Choreographer) · Kabir Akhtar (Editing) · Melina Root (Wardobe & Costumes)

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