Mr. and Mrs. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Davis Heather Davis' parents

Collective information
Actors: P.J. Brown, Christine Esterbrook
First appearance together: ""When Will Josh and his Friend Leave Me Alone?""
I'm sorry to wake you Mr. and Mrs. Heather.
— Rebecca Bunch, "When Will Josh and his Friend Leave Me Alone?"

Mr. and Mrs. Davis are the parents of Heather and the next door neighbors of Rebecca Bunch. Unlike their daughter they have a cheerful disposition and are very friendly. Rebecca had met them repeatedly but didn't remember them even after being reminded of various encounters they had. Their first appearance was in the Season Two episode "When Will Josh and his Friend Leave Me Alone?". Mr. Davis is portrayed by P.J. Brown and Mrs. Davis is portrayed by Christine Esterbrook.


Season TwoEdit

One night in the latter half of 2016, Mr. and Mrs. Davis's apartment was nearly burned down. At the same time they had an unexpected visitor at their home, Rebecca Bunch who was thier next door neighbor. Their daughter Heather let her in and it was revealed she was responsible for the fire. Despite having met her several times Rebecca seemed unaware of who they were. Mr. David reminded Rebecca that their parking spots were next to each other and she always scrapped the side of his car. Mrs. Davis added that Rebecca's Playbill magazine was always sent to thier place by accident. Although disappointed Rebecca still didn't recognize them they warmly welcomed her to stay at thier home.

Mrs. Davis got her a blanket while Mr. Davis offered to cook Rebecca pancakes which she misunderstood to mean right at that moment. Mr. Davis was a good sport and complied cooking both his cat eared and blueberry variations. When Rebecca went to work that morning Mrs. Davis lent her some clothes. Her daughter Heather just missed Rebecca before she left and wasn't able to warn her. Heather showed her mom an embarrassing YouTube video featuring Rebecca's frantic 911 call that had gone viral overnight.

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