Patrick West Covina delivery man

Character information
Occupation: Rapid Times Express employee
Family: unknown
Actor: Seth Green
First Appearance: ""Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?""

I don't know. I wear the same outfit every single day.
— Patrick, "Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?"

Patrick is a local Rapid Times Exiress employee that delivers packages to the residents of West Covina, California. One of his many frequent customers is local attorney Rebecca Bunch who uses the service frequently. During a few of his visits she has asked for his advice on several personal matters. His first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?". He is portrayed by actor Seth Green .


Patrick had been delivering a large number of packages to attorney Rebecca Bunch recently. These boxes were all related to the upcoming wedding she was planning for herself to her fiancé Josh Chan. Patrick did not look forward to these deliveries since Rebecca would often ask his opinion about decisions she had to make. His latest visit she wanted to know what he thought of yet another wedding dress she was considering. She had to decide soon since the wedding date had been moved up. Patrick guessed the rushed nuptials had something to do up with feelings she had for her new boss but she ignored his theory. He then suggested she ask her mother to help but she was busy getting Botox. Her best friend Paula Proctor couldn't help either since she was studying for law school finals and jokingly she asked Patrick if he could help.


Robot ChickenEdit

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Rachel Bloom and actor Seth Green have worked together in various projects before. Bloom was once a staff writer and voice actress on Seth's Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken . In Season One she hired Seth Green's animation company Stoopid Buddy Stoodios to do the opening cartoon sequence for the show. They also collaborated on a video for Rachel's YouTube channel racheldoesstuff seen on the right.
Jazz Fever (feat02:49

Jazz Fever (feat. Seth Green) - Rachel Bloom

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