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Ping Pong Girl
Performer(s): Josh Chan — First Appearance: "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?"

Ping Pong Girl! Her forehand is a jet stream! And her backhand's right out of a sex dream!
— Josh Chan, "Ping Pong Girl"

Ping Pong Girl is a musical performance by Josh Chan as imagined by Rebecca Bunch. In this fantasy Rebecca has become such an incredible ping pong player it impresses Josh so much that he wants to progress their relationship forward. The song was first heard in the Season Two episode "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?". It is track number 7 on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 2).

Song and lyricsEdit

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Ping Pong Girl The CW

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Ping Pong Girl The CW



When she walked into the Ping pong Hall
Casually tossing her ping pong ball
I could tell she's the most perfect girl
who's ever existed!


Aw man, look at her pong that ping!
When she plays she doesn't care
if anyone's watching!
She does it for herself
and that puts my fears to rest!


After each rally, she chugs beer
instead of water!

She's so aloof, it borders on cold
and that's what makes me want her!

Ping Pong Girl!
She's so independent!
This fantasy beats out
flight attendants!

She's playing ping pong
on her own terms
so I'm the pursuer!

Ping Pong Girl!
Her forehand is a jet stream!
And her backhand's
right out of a sex dream!
And that's the best
messy bun I've ever seen
in the world!

My P-P-Ping-Pong girl!



Dudes sing these kinds of songs!





When she serves the ball
look how she throws it
She's so hot
but she doesn't know it!

She probably just found
that outfit laying around!

[Like in the trash!]

Look at her skill on
the Ping-Pong...uh, court?
Nothing's hotter than a chick
who's good at sports!

Whoa! She scored 1,000 points!

I think I love her!

[That's a lot of points!]

Ping-Pong shows that she has
control over her body!
But it doesn't threaten
my masculinity like
basketball or hockey!

Ping-Pong girl!

She's like Serena or Venus!
Just watching her swing
affects my penis!
You know us dudes,
we love to talk
about our penises!

[our penises!]

Ping-Pong girl!

She is so indifferent!
It makes me want
a tangible commitment!

She and I should give
a 30 year mortgage a whirl!

My P-P-Ping-Pong girl!







Let's share a Costco card!


For Your Consideration performanceEdit

On April 5, 2017 Aline Brisch McKenna and most of the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were on stage at the For Your Consideration Emmy event. They performed several songs from Season Two including "Ping Pong Girl" which was sung by Vincent Rodriguez III who was accompanied by Pete Gardner and David Hull.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend LIVE Ping Pong Girl

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend LIVE Ping Pong Girl

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