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Prostitute A working girl who has a bad reputation.

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Occupation: Hooker
Family: Unknown
Actor: N/A
First Appearance: "N/A"

I left my wife for a prostitute!
— Gary, "I'm going on a date with Josh's friend!"

The Prostitute is a local West Covina, California escort who is an often mentioned character that has yet to be seen onscreen. This individual is someone who has been said to be the cause of several marriages to end. The first mention of this character was on the Season One episode "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!".


Season OneEdit

  • "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!": An executive of the "Truly Happy Truly Butter" company calls Gary the head of the latest advertising campaign into his office. Although he praises his employee for a successful marketing of the product he questions the ad copy being used which seems to have dark undertones. He pointedly asks Gary if he is okay only for his employee to have an emotional breakdown. Gary then confesses that he left his wife for a prostitute.
  • "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!": A judge named Harry provides Rebecca Bunch a police escort when she goes to erase a text she mistakingly sent to her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan which confesses her love for him. Afterwards a fellow judge questions the misappropriation of city resources and asks Harry why he did this. Harry then breaks down and confesses that he left his wife for a prostitute.
  • "Josh and I Work on a Case!": After a long day at work, members of the West Covina Window Washers club meets at Home Base to trade gossip. One of them mentions that a prostitute in the area is breaking up marriages.
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