Scarsdale Hometown of Rebecca Bunch
Location: Westchester County, New York — First Appearance: "NA"

Now we'll see whose bars will prevail in this battle of two hard-as-nails shebrews from Scarsdale!
— Rebecca Bunch , "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles"

Scarsdale is a small American village located in Westchester County, New York which was founded in 1701. Originally a more rural area the demographic eventually changed once an express railway was built that connected the town to New York City. It then became a thriving commuter village for wealthy professionals from Manhattan looking for a home away from the big city. On the show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", Scarsdale is the hometown of Rebecca Bunch, her mother Naomi, her father Silas and her nemesis Audra Levine. It is briefly seen in various flashbacks to Rebecca's youth and also mentioned throughout the show.


Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

  • "Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?": Rebecca goes home to Scarsdale for cousins Bar Mitzvah accompanied by Josh whom she just started officially dating. They stay at her old home with her mother and at the Bar Mitsvsh run into Audra Levine and her husband David. Rebecca also talks to her Rabbie Shari and gets advice on her unhappiness. Josh gets advice as well from Naomi Bunch resulting in a shocking turn of events involving the Garfinkel ring.

Noted Scarsdale residentsEdit

  Places edit

Rebecca's apartmentJosh and Valencia's apartment · Serrano residence · Proctor residence · Rebecca and Heather's house · Darryl's apartment · Bunch residence


Whitefeather & Associates ( Rebecca's office · Break room · Darryl's office · Paula's desk · Boardroom )
Mall (Movie theater) · Home Base · Cup of boba · Sofistic8ted Party Casting · Greater City Water · Sampson & Saunders · Aloha Tech Center · Jalapeño Jack's · Spider's · Country Market · Sugar Face · Silver Brew · Malibu Cliffs Villa & Spa · Truly Butter


West Covina, California · New York City · San Gabriel Valley · Scarsdale · Los Angeles · East Cameron · Los Angeles County Court


Our Lady of West Covina · Harvard University · Emory University · Community College · Glenn Willow Medical Center · Stanford · Cornell · California State University, Northridge · San Dimas College School of Law · Yale Law


Camp Canyon Grove · Heritage Bridge · Electric Mesa · Los Angeles International Airport

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