Stacy Whitefeather

Stacy Whitefeather Partner at a prestigious New York City law firms

Character information
Occupation: Uknown
Family: Darryl Whitefeather (ex-husband), Madison Whitefeather (daughter)
Actor: Allison Dunbar
First Appearance: "Josh and I Are Good People!"

Why in the world would you even take on this case? What's wrong with you?
— Stacy to Rebecca, "Josh and I Are Good People!

Stacy Whitefeather is a West Covina resident who had formerly been the wife of Darryl Whitefeather, a local attorney and founder of Whitefeather & Associates . Together they have a daughter Madison with whom they share joint custody. Stacy had long been unhappy with their marriage and had an affair with her boss for several years until she finally filed for divorce. Her first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh and I Are Good People!]". She is portrayed by actress Allison Dunbar.


In October of 2015, Stacy Whitefeather was in the midst of finalizing her divorce from her husband Darryl. A point of contention was custody of their daughter Madison which they still hadn't resolved. As Stacy was preparing for a business trip to the Cayman's, she and her attorney were summoned to a private hearing with the judge. One of Darryl's attorney's from his firm named Rebecca Bunch, who was now representing him, had called the meeting. She wanted to present important evidence which turned out to be Madison's YouTube channel. Stacy was surprised as she wasn't even aware her daughter was posting videos online.

The recording showed that on that once when Madison was at her mom's house she was left alone while Stacy was at a motel with her boss. This wasn't a one time occurrence as Madison also mentioned this happened the previous week as well. Rebecca pointed out more parental neglect adding that Madison stated she was going to use the gas stove to make s'mores. Stacy tried to explain that she was only gone for a few minutes and that Madison was mature for her age. Darryl wanted to know when she started sleeping with her boss of five years. Stacy's hesitance to answer Darryl realized she had been having an affair that entire time.

Stacy mocked Darryl by saying her boss didn't talk about his feelings all the time or cry at cat food commercials. Based on the evidence presented the judge decided that Darryl would be awarded temporary full custody. Stacy was told she would have supervised visitation until the custody arrangements were permanently decided. Stacy reluctantly accepted the decision and returned home to finish packing for her trip. She was loading her luggage into the car and left to grab a few more things only to return to find Rebecca putting something in her bags. Stacy demanded an explanation and a self-righteous Rebecca stated she was there for justice.

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