Performer(s): Harry, the Lawyers and the clients. — First Appearance: ""That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!""
Genre: '80s Hair Band

It’s a textmergency, baby can’t you see. Textmergency, that term just occurred to me. It’s gonna catch on instantly!
— 80's rock singer

"Textmergency" is a song that played as Rebecca raced to Josh Chan's apartment to delete a text she accidentally sent to him. It was first heard in the Season One episode"That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!".

The song with lyricsEdit

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Textmergency The CW03:11

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Textmergency The CW


Time is running out
You’ve got to act now.
Stay one step ahead
Of that moronic text somehow.

There’s no turning back
Here in the danger zone.
You’ve got to manually delete that text
From that dude’s cell phone!

Thank you, officers!
Good luck, Rebecca!

It’s a textmergency,
Baby can’t you see.
That term just occurred to me.
It’s gonna catch on instantly!

Wait, what about texttastrophe?
That sounds better to me!
That could really spread virally!
I prefer textmergency.

I accidentally texted my mother-in-law
A picture of my erection.

I once group texted my whole staff
About my yeast infection.

Exactly! It’s so relatable,
that’s why I coined the phrase…
That’s the meme, don’t you agree?

All do respect, Textmergency
is the better term, Miss C.

Hmmm, I wanna go with texttastrophe
I already put it on Urban Dictionary.

You fools!
It doesn’t matter what it’s called.
That’s right, it’s me
The ghost of Steve Jobs.
What matters is that I control
your lives from the grave!
Technology is slowly alienating
everyone from their loved ones
Ha ha ha ha.
And when you send a few words
to the wrong recipient
and it immediately destroys your life,
that’s called a messagepocalypse!

Get out of here, Steve Jobs!

Guys, what about that lawyer chick?
We’ve gotten really off track…

She’s searching for the spare key.
Look under the mat!
It’s clearly hidden in that owl!
Look in that flower pot, hurry!

Hurry up and check that Buddha sconce.
Check the Buddha sconce, check the Buddha sconce!

She did it! Now she can delete the text
She won’t need to come up with a textcuse!
Textmergency just flows.
No, dude, texttastrophe, it’s what it is.
Dude, she’s totally right.
Text-scuse me!

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