We'll Never Have Problems Again

We'll Never Have Problems Again
Performer(s): Rebecca Bunch, Josh Chan, Heather Davis — First Appearance: "Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?"
Written by: Rachel Bloom, Adam Schlesinger — Genre: Funk

Now everyone will know that our love is undying we'll never have problems again!
— Rebecca and Josh

We'll Never Have Problems Again was a song performed by Rebecca and Josh after they became a couple again. In the song they expressed their belief that things would be different this time and any problems they had before were behind them. The song was first heard in the Season Two episode "Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?".

Song and lyricsEdit

We'll Never Have Problems Again - feat02:33

We'll Never Have Problems Again - feat. Rachel Bloom & Vincent Rodriguez III - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"


Rebecca and Josh:
We'll never have problems again
It's only smooth, smooth sailing
from now on...
Oh Oh!
We'll never have problems again
We used to have problems
but now they're gone

Do you remember,
back when we had problems?

Oh man. That was anoying!

But now our love
has magically solved them
And there won't be any
more in our future at all!

Okay, so you guys are
like super delusional.

Ugh go away Heather!

Yeah, GET OUT!

Fine. I'll guess I just
'Soul Train' outta here, losers.

Rebecca and Josh:
We'll never have problems again

Now everyone will know,
that our love in undying
we'll never have problems again!

No more nights of randomly crying!

Never worry about paying the bills
the only money we need is sunset!

If we feel like we've run out of thrills...
Hey look! Another sunset!

We don't need gasoline
our car will run on love!

Elon Musk is developing that kind of car
The first test failed but
that's 'cause it wasn't true love
They say obsession biologically
lasts four years at most
but science doesn't apply to us
Some say we're all repeating
patterns taught by our parents
But that's just -

Rebecca and Josh:
No. That's not. No, it's not. No, no

We'll never have problems again
No more ups and downs
It's just ups and ups and ups
We'll never have problems again
Our love has made us totes invincible

I've been cynical most of my life
and everythings falling flat!
Now for once the situation's
a lot less nuanced than that
We're problem free!
That's you and me!
We're problem free!
That's you and me!

Live fade out
Live fade out
Live fade out
Live fade out
Live fade out
Live fade out



A lyric from the song has Rebecca singing "It's a lot less nuanced than that". This is a reference to the Season One theme song where Rebecca said a similar line "It's a lot more nuanced than that" in response to being called a "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend".


The song We'll Never Have Problems Again is inspired by the 1970's Funk genre of music. In particular it seems to be a direct homage to the song "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now " from the R&B duo McFadden & Whitehead .
Soul Train Ain't No Stopping Us Now McFadden and Whitehead03:25

Soul Train Ain't No Stopping Us Now McFadden and Whitehead

Soul TrainEdit

The setting of the performance in the scene is a clear reference to the long running American music variety show "Soul Train " (1971 - 2006). It's format was similar to " American Bandstand " but targeted an African-American audience. Like its predecessor it featured in-studio musical guests performing thier latest singles and a group of audience members dancing to the latest music. A regular segment on the show had two lines of people cheer on a person or pair as they danced down the center in between them. Them has been parodied in various media such as the 2000 film "Charlie's Angels " which featured actress Cameron Diaz 's character dancing down the line.

Soul Train-Cameron Diaz01:56

Soul Train-Cameron Diaz

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