Rebecca's office

Rebecca's office Rebecca's personal work space at the law firm
Location: Whitefeather & AssociatesFirst Appearance: "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"

Paula just get into my office.
— Rebecca Bunch, "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!"

Rebecca's office was Rebecca Bunch's workspace at the law firm of Whitefeather & Associates. On the wall behind her desk hung the Key to the City which the mayor gave to her for her efforts on the Greater City Water case. She once had a Treadmill desk for her office but had it removed because she didn't like to walk. Rebecca has now moved out of her office as it is currently being used by her boss Darryl Whitefeather. Darryl's office is now occupied by the new owner of the firm Nathaniel Plimpton. The office was first seen in the Season One episode "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!".


Season OneEdit

  • "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!": After Rebecca left work for the day, Paula went into her office and looked through her computer. She discovered the true reason Rebecca moved to West Covina which was her obsession with Josh Chan.
  • "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!": Rebecca buys a treadmill desk for her office but it turns out to be an expensive mistake. Josh visits her to ask for help in his application and while inside the office uses the treadmill.
  • "I'm So Happy that Josh is So Happy!": Rebecca drinks from her secret vodka bottle to forget about Josh moving in with Valencia and to calm her nerves before giving a presentation. When she screws up at work, Darryl talks to her in her office and sends her home for the rest of the weekend to finish work on her assignment.
  • "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!": Paula is in Rebecca's office using her computer to check on Valencia s social media accounts. When she notices a private picture of Valencia in Jayma Chan's wedding gown she posts the photo on Instagram. Rebecca later confronts Paula about what she did in her office and also reassures her they don't have to pursue Josh to be friends.

Season TwoEdit

  Places edit

Rebecca's apartmentJosh and Valencia's apartment · Serrano residence · Proctor residence · Rebecca and Heather's house · Darryl's apartment · Bunch residence


Whitefeather & Associates ( Rebecca's office · Break room · Darryl's office · Paula's desk · Boardroom )
Mall (Movie theater) · Home Base · Cup of boba · Sofistic8ted Party Casting · Greater City Water · Sampson & Saunders · Aloha Tech Center · Jalapeño Jack's · Spider's · Country Market · Sugar Face · Silver Brew · Malibu Cliffs Villa & Spa · Truly Butter


West Covina, California · New York City · San Gabriel Valley · Scarsdale · Los Angeles · East Cameron · Los Angeles County Court


Our Lady of West Covina · Harvard University · Emory University · Community College · Glenn Willow Medical Center · Stanford · Cornell · California State University, Northridge · San Dimas College School of Law · Yale Law


Camp Canyon Grove · Heritage Bridge · Electric Mesa · Los Angeles International Airport

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